Our people are becoming smarter and they choose for healthier living, so desire healthier food choices. We want to serve all people in Curacao who are shifting towards healthy products and long-term wellness.

Nowadays people want healthy fast food. Some chains are offering low fat food but they offer little nutritional value and they don’t really help people consume the vitamins and minerals that they need. Juice Bar is helping to fill that gap. Our juices are a meal replacement as well as a healthy tasty delicious drink at a very affordable price

We offer our customer fresh health juices, salads and delicious smoothies. You will see us whiz up your blend to create a fantastic juice or smoothie and shakes.

Besides these healthy treats we have an extensive array of shaved ice, sundae’s with natural fruit toppings, banana split., natural ice tea and natural lemonade.

Why Juice bar

  • The Juice Bar product is a menu of various recipes which include fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice, smoothies and optional extra boosts.
  • Juice bar drinks are fast, healthy, energy giving and packed full of vitamins, live enzymes and nutrients.
  • All our products are created on-site and made to order.
  • We only use fresh produce and we deliver a fast service offering our customers value for money.
  • Our menu changes on a seasonal basis ensuring that we are offering innovational products that reflect market demand.We do not use syrups, pasteurized juices, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • We do not cut corners when choosing our ingredients and we believe that if it’s not freshly pressed it’s not worth drinking’

There’s no doubt about it. Juicing is one of the easiest ways to make your life a whole lot healthier

Juice Bar offers you the best tasting juices and smoothies delivered professionally from an uplifting environment.

When you visit Juice bar your senses are awakened. The smell of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables, the vibrant colors of the fruit and décor, the juicers and blenders humming in the background along with the friendly staff brings your experience to a higher level.

Having the passion and conviction to bring you this positive experience every time is what Jump juice bars are all about.